Flashing a bricked or empty board

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Flashing a board that doesn't have any valid boot code in QSPI and eMMC memories requires a JTAG probe capable of performing RCW override operation. In principle, this operation involves loading ATF and U-Boot into RAM and bootstrapping flash memories from there.

Currently, following JTAG probes are supported:

  • CodeWarrior TAP

  • Lauterbach TRACE32

Bare-board flashing scripts are  available here: https://gitlab.conclusive.pl/devices/whle-ls1/whle-ls1

Flashing using TRACE32

  1. Connect JTAG probe using developer cable connector

  2. Open scripts/lauterbach/recovery.cmm script in TRACE32

  3. Run the script by clicking "Do" button

  4. After few seconds, U-Boot prompt should appear on the serial console

  5. From this point you can follow this guide to flash an image to eMMC: https://conclusive.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CW/pages/34177316

Flashing using CodeWarrior TAP

  1. Connect JTAG probe using developer cable connector

  2. Start CCS. It can be normally found at C:\Freescale\CCS\bin\ccs.exe

  3. Find CCS icon in the system tray, right-click on it and select "Show console"

  4. Determine IP address of your CWTAP. You can use findcc cwtaps command to do this.

  5. Load the recovery script and start recovery process as shown below.  Replace the path shown below with path to the scripts/ccs/recovery.tclscript from whle-ls1 repository and IP address with the IP address of your CWTAP.

(bin) 71 % source C:/Users/Jakub/Documents/git/whle-ls1/scripts/ccs/recovery.tcl (bin) 72 % recovery::recovery cwtap: Initializing CWTAP Overriding Hardcoded RCW Resetting to debug (...)


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